Teaching English as a young teacher. My experience.


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Hello! I´m Nancy, I have been teaching English for 1 year and 8 months. I want to share you some of my experiences as a young teacher (since I´m 22 years old).

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I remember the first time when I gave my classes, it was a group of 5 people were most of them were older than me (talking about persons that were already on their 40's, 50's ). The first impression is very important as you may already know so, when I entered the class their reactions were asking "Are you the teacher?" and I said "yes". Later on that same week I had another course were the same thing happened, they were mostly adults between their 30's / 50's and some teenagers and they had the same question.

What is my point? Normally when you hear the word "teacher" you expect someone older than 22, because knowledge and the hability of teaching  is related with age, but its not that true at all, been able to teach can be obtained at a young age and it´s not less accurate that the one that older people have, what I mean is that if you have the capacity on teaching you should be equally qualified by people.

We can teach because we already were students and we know what they exactly want. This can ake our tasks easier because we already know were to focus.

Being young it´s not an excuse, if you have knowledge of a suject, topic, activities etc, and you know how to transmit that information to other people, then you can be a teacher, clearly with all the responsabilities that being a rolemodel to students implies.

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